Construction of steel structures

RNDV Group is able to perform tasks in constructing, assembling, and installing various steel structures.

We offer these services:

• Assembling and installation of steel structures

• Welding and riveting of various frame structures

• Construction and erection of beams and columns

• Welding of grids structures

A steel structure, these days is what forms the core of many buildings and enables spectacular engineering projects of our modern age.

Steel carries many advantages.

The steel frame is typically made of two types of units – vertical columns and horizontal beams. These can be welded, riveted or bolted together, to form a rectilinear grid.

Steel beams, such as found in a beam bridge are horizontal structural members, that hold the loads applied to them. Columns are vertical structural members that transfer compressive loads further and between themselves. Combination of both can be used to form the skeleton of a building and various shapes such as arch structure or arch bridge.

Steel allows for the possibility of the lattice structure, known also as grid shell or dome – an element often seen in historical buildings, but still employed nowadays.

Another historical element widely used in contemporary engineering are truss structures. A truss is a structural element where the web consists of a series of separate truss members and bar members. A practice commonly used in roofs can also be employed in a truss bridge.

Truly impressive civil engineering structures can be made with innovative design, understanding of physics and steel. Among the most impressive examples are the ones where steel structure serves the main function, such as in a suspension bridge.

A cable-stayed bridge is only possible because of the employment of prestressed structures. Another principle developed by science and culture.