Training and testing center

RNDV Group keeps the continuous education of employees a high priority. We own a specialised Training centre dedicated to prepare upcoming professionals and to set our existing employees on a continuous learning cycle.

Our Training and testing centre is only of its kind in Baltics. New workers are tested and then proceed through four or eight-week courses, after which they are encouraged to progress in the field further. After a year a person is coming back to the Training centre to be certified where the skills will be tested and qualification increased. All the courses are based on job simulation type of training, with specific goals in mind.

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  • Education – To provide high quality specialised inner learning programs for new employees. To instil professional skills according to the company’s inner standards and client specifications.
  • Testing – To test professional qualities based on a company’s inner quality standards or the demands of a client, by performing a number of high-quality technical level tasks.
  • Selection – To identify and prepare mentally strong personalities, to work abroad and to create good environmental conditions to lower the possibilities of trained employees leaving.
  • Motivation – in cooperation with multiple departments identify talented employees, raise their motivation to improve personal skills and overall level of qualification.

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