Simonas Mėžinys

Lithuanian Maritime Academy Intern
Simonas Mėžinys

Simonas Mėžinys

Student at Lithuanian Maritime Academy, majoring in Marine Electrical Power Plant Operation

Simonas has recently completed his internship in cooperation with RNDV Group. The company has given Simonas and his two fellow students, Domanskis Lukas and Almantas Maželis, an opportunity to work in one of Germany’s most famous – Lürssen shipyards. We were interested to hear what Simonas had to share about this exciting period.

How did you come upon this internship opportunity?

After finding out that Maritime Academy is training marine electrical mechanics (study program of Marine Electrical Power Plant Operations), RNDV Group offered cooperation for students who are interested in doing their internship in one of their projects. They were looking for motivated candidates, who would be willing to work abroad. When I saw the announcement, I was determined to go for it.

Did you have competition?

Yes! Usually internships are not paid, so company’s offer was very attractive. Many of us were interested, but the positions were limited. I was one of the three students, who were lucky to be selected.

What are the studies of marine electrical power plant operations all about?

Basically, it’s ship electrical engineering. This covers work with a wide range of technologies. The program is very practical. The course is not only taught theoretically, but also doing application exercises in laboratories and simulators.

Tell us about your daily tasks at Lürssen.

We were working together with an experienced team. Having a good supervision, every day we were learning-by-doing. It was challenging to know, that it’s a real life situation, not a safe lab environment. Lürssen shipyard, located in Bremen, is one of the greatest German shipyards today. The super yachts that are built there since a long time impressed us a lot.

From the very beginning, we working full time and were treated as professional team members. A lot of responsibilities! After a first trial month, we even have got a raise.

Did you have some free time for cultural experience?

As I have already mentioned, we were working full time. But the weekends and evenings were free. Bremen is a beautiful city, has a lot to offer. But of course, we took every chance to travel around. For me personally, working in this shipyard, with the most modern boats – was the best part.

What about the overall conditions?

The conditions were very satisfactory. RNDV Group provided housing, covered travel costs and helped with documents. It’s not so easy to find a paid internship these days, so this opportunity was something I have never expected.

Anything else you would like to add?

I’d like to express my gratitude for this job. I have learned a lot and worked with the top-notch technologies, realized about future opportunities, possibly with the company. I hope RNDV will continue scouting talents from our academy.

Growing together with RNDV Group!