Ship Hull Assembly, Shipbuilding and ship repair

We are offering ship hull assembly services. Our skilled workers are working at flat and volume section assembly, block assembly and hull erection stages. We are working in the world’s largest cruise shipyards in Germany and the rest of the world. Shipbuilding and repairs are key business areas for RNDV Group.

We are offering hull assembly among our portfolio of shipbuilding services. Our skilled employees can work on various stages of the hull erection process. Modern shipbuilding would be impossible without much preplanning and use of prefabricated sections.

The hull is the main body of the ship that can be divided into and outside covering and inside sections which can be further subdivided. All the multi-deck segments of the hull will be built separately and come together during a block assembly process.

Even before the hull block is complete, the outfitting components such as piping, electric lines and machinery are brought together and outfitting installation takes place. This is beneficial for workers performing these tasks as it would be much more difficult to accomplish them in an enclosed area.

In fact, it would be impossible to assemble some of the bigger machines that the ship has in order to function. Finally, this process is actually much faster and allows more tasks to be completed at the same time.

Entire multi-deck segments of the hull then undergo flat sections assembly and only after higher volume sections assembly, the ship starts to reassemble a seafaring vehicle.

It is entirely possible that after the ship is completed and spends a number of years at sea, various structural repairs and revisions will need to be done. In fact, it happens that revisions take place while the ship is not even built and teams need to be able to react, adapt and fulfil new specs under a tight deadline.

RNDV Group is ready to take on such tasks.