Sun power plant, Electro-mechanical installation

Solar is becoming an increasingly popular and environmentally viable solution for clean energy. RNDV Group provides a full range of technical solar panel installation services.

• Assembly and installation of solar panel support structures
• Construction and connection of cable lines
• Installation and connection of switchgear cabinets
• Preparation of technical – reporting documentation
• Tests.

Electrical and Mechanical installation of solar panels

Solar panels are devices that convert energy from sunlight into electricity. Usually, solar panels are photovoltaic cells that enable the use of renewable energy of the sun by collecting it and then providing electricity for commercial spaces or residences.

The rooftop solar plant is usually based on a photovoltaic module encountered on a residential level. Although, abundant solar power is more widely used on an increasingly larger scale both for its potential and environmental reasons. Photovoltaic power plant becomes a viable choice in the right conditions since solar power plant cost is getting lower.

A specific type of solar energy power plant is made by introducing floating solar panels or floating photovoltaic (FPV). It is a solar panel array that floats upon a body of water. The solar panels are placed on a buoyant structure frame and are placed on a relatively calm body of water such as pond, lake or man man-made dam reservoir.

One of the greatest advantages is that it does not occupy the land, there is also no risk of obstruction or shade caused by nearby trees, objects or buildings. Also, solar panels generate an amount of excessive heat and water has an added cooling effect on the equipment.

So far, floating solar power plant installation cost is significantly higher than its counterpart on dry land because of added technical complexities.
A photovoltaic power station is a unit that can also be described as a solar park or solar farm. It is a large-scale photovoltaic system, designed to supply power into the electricity grid at a utility level. This way, the solar light is directly converted to electricity.

Another type of solar power station is a concentrated solar power plant that is utilizing the energy from the sun to heat a contained fluid to a high temperature. This fluid, in turn, heats up the water, which then becomes steam. The steam is then used to spin turbines in a power plant, producing mechanical energy, that is converted into electricity by a variety of conventional generator systems. Also, a solar thermal power plant might work to produce heat as the main energy and not electricity.

RNDV Group provides assembly and installation of solar panel support structures with construction and connection of cable lines.