Electrical installation, Industrial and civil

“RNDV group” has great experience in electric installation works in industrial sector.

  • Material procurement and management
  • Cable pulling works
  • Termination works
  • Electronic equipment mounting and installation
  • Testing, commissioning and warranty works

Allowable wire and cable types specified according to the circuit operating voltage and electric current capability. Environmental conditions, such as temperature range, moisture levels, and exposure to other elements or factors need to be taken into account. Specific knowledge is a must while working in industrial settings.

At this stage everything must be accounted for as the fully designed schematics will reflect the further requirements of materials and workforce needed to realize the project.

Later on, the task is given for electrical engineers, to complete the actual wiring installation up to specifications. Electrical wiring is an installation of cabling and associated devices such as distribution boards, switches, sockets and lighting fittings in a building, temporary structure.

Industrial electrical installation is always subject to the highest safety standards. Systems like ground fault protection and proper fire alarm installation with smoke detector installation have to be in place. For a job like such, special fire alarm installation companies can be employed or single multi expertise company as RNDV Group can cover the needs.

Modern electrical engineering is divided into a wide range of fields – power engineering, telecommunications, computer engineering, signal processing, radio-frequency engineering, instrumentation, electronics and more.

In order for the modern world to function, these fields tend to overlap with other engineering branches, producing a huge number of specializations –hardware engineering, power electronics, renewable energies just to name a few.