Data centers / Telecommunications, Electrical installation

Ever since the founding of the company, fiber cablenetwork development has been an essential part of RNDV Group’s business. Wehave been involved in the telecommunications industry projects, data center installation,and network development work in residential and industrial sectors. We cancover a large field of tasks with our provided services.

  • Excavation works
  • Cable laying
  • Fiber welding
  • Connection works
  • Network equipment installation
  • Warranty and commissioning

Data center installation services

A data center is a facility used to house computer systems and related components, such as telecommunications and data storage systems. It generally includes everything that a data center equipment needs to function – backup power supplies, redundant data communications connections, environmental controls, like cooling and air conditioning and various security devices.

With Big data, Cloud computing and Telecommunicationsnetworks, data center infrastructures have become the central nerve ofbusinesses and a key necessity for their growth.

Data centers have their roots in cables necessary toconnect all the components, and methods to accommodate and organize thesedevices. The organization usually takes place as standard racks to mountequipment, raised floors, and cable trays installed overhead or under theelevated floor. Large data centers can easily become industrial-scaleoperations using large amounts of electricity.

Another branch of related technical work is fiber networkdesign, cable laying, and connection works, done on a large scale, connectingwhole districts. This requires different planning, designing and capabilitiesfor outside work in order to complete stable networks, with necessary equipmentinstalled, that are also protected from the environment.

We offer our data center installation and networkdevelopment services as contractors for network design, cable laying, fiberwelding, and connection works.