EU projects

Training of company employees at their workplaces (project No. 09.4.3-ESFA-K-827-03-000

With the constantly changing business environment, the emergence of new markets and customer requirements, the development of equipment and new technologies, a company faces its main challenge – how to remain competitive, provide quality services that meet the requirements of different markets and adapt to technological innovations. The most effective measure is to provide the company with employees who have acquired the necessary skills. The aim of the project is to develop the competencies of employees of companies, to deepen specialized knowledge by applying practical forms of training at the workplace according to relevant non-formal training programs. In order to better adapt the student’s knowledge and skills to a specific job, the company has developed specialized training programs. The project is partially financed from the European Union social funds, the allocated funding is EUR 344,450.21. The remaining part – EUR 344,450.23 – was provided by the company itself. In addition, RNDV Group will invest another EUR 350,000.00 to cover such necessary expenses as the purchase of equipment, accommodation of employees, purchase of necessary work equipment, and such, for the successful and efficient implementation of the project. The project will train 610 employees (292 unique participants) who will improve their qualifications. The implementation period of the project is 7 August 2019 – 7 August 2021.