The Netherlands 2021

Installation of an automated warehousing system

Installation of an automated warehousing system in the Netherlands. Works: Installation of a mechanical system and electric installation works...

Finland 2021

Installation of a conveyor line, Tampere

Installation of a conveyor line in Tampere city, Finland. Works done: installation of a mechanical conveyor line, electric installation works....

Austria 2021

Installation of a conveyor line of a warehousing system at a drill factory

Installation of a conveyor line of a warehousing system, located at a drill factory in Austria. Works: mechanical assembly of a conveyor line ...

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“RNDV Group’s success as a company relies on the personal engagement of our employees. We encourage our staff to develop their strengths, and we recognize their achievements. With an incredibly wide range of positions on offer, we are better placed than the competition to recruit the finest technical specialists and managers.”

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About us

We specialize in electrical installation projects within the shipbuilding industry and various types of industrial services for the construction industry. We run a highly qualified and motivated workforce that is prepared to complete your projects. We are striving for long term business relationships based on outstanding performance and long-lasting partnerships. In order to stay ahead of the market, expand on our promises and deliver successful results we base our values on Professionalism, Cooperation, Leadership and Innovation.


To be the best partners for our customers.


To create the greatest added value for the customers in shipbuilding and land based construction.


Customers First: We aim to become the customers’ first choice. Understanding our customers and meeting their needs is the core of our work.

Our People are Our Wealth: Our people are the special power of RNDV. We firmly believe that by creating a safe and inspiring working environment and helping our employees to reveal their best qualities, we can achieve the highest results.

Sustainable Future: We realize that creating a better tomorrow for future generations is the responsibility of each of us and know that the effort from each of us counts.

  • Profesional workers

  • Teamwork

  • Quality service

  • 800+ employees

  • We talk 17 languages

  • We are from 14 countries

Training and Testing centre - knowledge based on experience

RNDV Group keeps the continuous education of employees a high priority. We have established a specialised Training and testing centre dedicated to prepare upcoming professionals and to set our existing employees on a continuous learning cycle.

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RNDV Group has implemented and integrated a quality management, Environment, Health and Safety management system. All management system processes are monitored, analyzed and actions for their continuous improvement are identified. The company complies with all legal and regulatory requirements and standards.

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